Why Choose an Orthodontist instead of the online do it yourself plastic aligners?

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the specialty within dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of misaligned teeth, bites, and also jaws. Orthodontic treatment includes creating a proper relationship of the teeth within the jaws, the bite, and the relationship of the jaws to one another. In many cases, it’s necessary  for the orthodontist to change a patient’s bite or the relationship of their jaws in order to properly align teeth without having damaging side effects. Although orthodontics does involve straightening teeth, the process involves much more. Orthodontists straighten teeth in order to achieve optimal cosmetics, functionality, and stability of the overall dental system. Straightening teeth alone without consideration for the entire dental system can have negative effects on the cosmetics, function, and stability.

Why should I choose an orthodontist for my treatment?

You can obtain orthodontic treatment in multiple ways, but the professionals who specialize in the realm of tooth and jaw movement are orthodontists. Orthodontists are highly trained in the area of tooth movement, bite correction, and smile appearance with extensive education and experience. Orthodontists complete 4 years of dental school at an accredited program. They then spend 2-3 years in additional post doctoral training solely focusing on orthodontics. During this training, they study and treat hundreds of cases to gain the education and experience necessary to become orthodontists.

Orthodontists possess the experience to use the tools properly

Orthodontists rely on many tools to help correct tooth alignment including metal braces, clear braces, clear aligners, elastics, retainers, etc. But these are only tools. None of these treatment options can magically address problems by themselves. They require knowledge and experience of a professional driving and supervising the treatment. The three aspects of orthodontic treatment that are essential to address are cosmetics, function, and stability. The best providers to ensure that these important aspects are part of your treatment are orthodontic specialists, or orthodontists.

Issues with Do-It-Yourself plastic aligners

Many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) treatments exist with no direct professional supervision. The biggest issue with DIY treatments is that they have a heavy focus on making teeth straighter, and they largely ignore significant problems the orthodontist would recognize. A “quick fix” in this manner can actually lead to a poor cosmetic result and long term concerns with the potential for more involved and costly treatments later. They have little way of properly addressing the bite, severe crowding, or severely misaligned teeth, which are common factors in causing “crooked teeth.” If not addressed, these factors can lead to improper function and decreased stability of the overall treatment. The only way to ensure that every consideration is being taken into account with your treatment or your child’s treatment is to visit the orthodontist.

Hidden costs with DIY plastic aligners

Many treatment options also claim to be a cheap and quick alternative to going to the orthodontist. What they don’t tell you, however, is that many of them have hidden fees and additional costs built in. Nor do they allow for different situations or provide proper monitoring and follow up with treatment. Having orthodontics that doesn’t address all the problems and doesn’t have proper follow up can lead to additional treatments and costs. Furthermore, no two cases are exactly the same. Orthodontists take advantage of many treatment options with wide ranging treatment times and costs. The DIY options are forced to treat every case in a similar fashion.

Why straighter teeth isn’t the only concern.

When it comes to the health of your teeth, don’t choose a treatment option that is only concerned with straightening them. A philosophy of being good enough or acceptable doesn’t cut it. Make sure that orthodontic treatment corrects the problems and not creating more. Get orthodontic concerns treated the right way by those most qualified to do so. Call your local orthodontist!

At Dr. W. Shane Holmes Orthodontics, there is no cost for patients until treatment is recommended, so being evaluated and getting a professional opinion with Dr. Holmes is free! We do not charge for records or continued follow up. When it comes to experience and professionalism, Dr. Holmes has been practicing orthodontics for 18 years treating thousands of patients. Dr. Holmes and his associates, Dr. Signorelli and Dr. Palmer, have a combined 36 years of experience in practice with a commitment to achieving excellent orthodontic results, providing an exceptional patient experience, and building beautiful smiles.

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